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Capo Web Design Inc. is a privately owned web design and development business located in Kenosha, WI. Our business specializes in website design, website development, website maintenance, website services and support. Our services include programming, coding, marketing website videos, website ranking and SEO, as well as logo designs and video reveals. The owner of capoWEBdesign Inc. is a graduate of UW-Wisconsin Parkside, obtaining a degree in Management Information Systems, with a minor in Web Development and has self-taught skills, such as PHP, MySQLI, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress and much more. capoWEBdesign Inc. primarily services clients in Southeastern WI (Milwaukee, WI), Northern IL (Chicago, IL) and Canada.

Capowebdesign Inc. has developed a passion to help small business thrive online. Our passion came from an HTML general education class at UW Parkside that ended up making the owner change his mind about his major and graduating with a Major in Management Information Systems with a. Minor in Web Development. Just one simple HTML beginners class change his life forever.

We build all our websites either by scratch or with WordPress. Yes, we are WordPress developers. That means we can code our own templates and plugins if need be. You will not find that with most Agencies. We know the code so we can do what ever you need to be done.

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