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Website maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. Its an ongoing plan to maintain and support your website. In can often require more in-depth work than most people can handle or have time for. Maintenance can include a lot of different things from security updates, performance monitoring, making sure code is up to date, and over all, making sure your site is functioning properly.

Below Are A Few Reasons to Keep Your Site Up To Date

Outdated Technology

If you don't update components like your CMS, themes, plugins, JavaScript, etc., you can miss out on the latest features and functionality, including security updates. This can leave your site open to all kinds of unpleasant things like hacks and breaking code.

Site Outages

Worst case, your website is down and not working. Downtime equals lost revenue. Then you have to pay someone to figure out what the problem is which can get expensive.

Compromised Security

Without regular maintenance, your site can become vulnerable to security issues that were addressed in the new updates. I have seen this happen first hand. You then have to figure out what happened. If you do not have a back up of the site prior to it going down, that could really cause problems.

Slow Performance

Website speed can decrease overtime by not updating. That is why it is very important to keep your site up to date. Some plugins or themes can have new updates multiple times a week.

Slacking Search Engine Optimization

Speed, content and security are all factors that search engines use to account for rankings. If your site is not up to date, it can cost you in search rankings.

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