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In todays digital world your customers first interaction will be with your website. Why risk a bad first impression? Let Capowebdesign build you a fast, fully responsive website that will work for you. Will will build you a website that will not hurt your search presence but will help you get found. While having pretty buttons and images bouncing all over the screen may look nice, that will only hurt your SEO score. Having buttons that bounce non-stop is very distracting to your users and may deture them from viewing more pages on your website.

Capo Web Design Inc. website design and Development services in Kenosha, WI builds responsive and SEO ready websites.

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We are Local and Global
Website development that is local but can be done globally. The digital nature of website’s, we are able to build sites for customers regardless of their location. Your website will have an up to date design styles and functionality that will help you in generating revenue, customers, and returning visitors. Your website is in great hands with Capowebdesign Inc.
Client Parnetship
We partner with our customers to create a web solution built to meet your goals. One size does not fit all small businesses. There are however several key elements regardless of the industry and we work to leverage them for you. Each website we build is unique in design, functionality and optimized to help you generate more revenue, generate more leads and get you found through SEO.
Modern Solutions
Each website we build is optimized for SEO to help you generate more leads which will lead to more revenue, fully responsive and will look great on all devices. Our website solutions are not only stylish but they’re effective to fit your unique business solution.
What Does a Website Built by Capo Web Design Include?

We will not limit you to a price by page size. We won’t charge you a different price if you have a 1 page site, 5 page site or a 20 page site. We charge by time and complexity. It would not be fair for us to charge a customer one price for a 1-5 page site that literally would take us a few hours to build. With that said, if a 1-5 page site is has more complexity to it and more customizations then, we would charge by how long we think it will take us to deliver you the best website to work for you. In short, we charge by project so that it fits your needs.

All content (text) to be provided by the client. All work is done by Capowebdesign. Intellectual property provided by you is owned by you. If we design a theme for you or a plugin specifically used on your site, Capowebdesign will own the rights to those. We can help create image, videos, literature, catalogs, flyers for you for additional pricing.

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