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Why is Website Compliance Important and Why You Should Care

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Making your website accessible to everybody is the right thing to do

The internet is where everything happens. Can imagine your life without it? accessing what the internet has to offer should be a basic right for everybody, regardless of their abilities.

Here's how it works

The AI utilizes two applications that together achieve full compliance. The accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered background process handles the more complex requirements - optimization for screen-readers and for keyboard navigation.

What is the website accessibility legislation?

Due to the increased use of the Internet, many countries have incorporated web accessibility into existing civil rights legislation that protects people with disabilities or created new ones. This includes the ADA, AODA, EEA, and many more. Most countries have adopted the WCAG 2.1 AA, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as standard for accessible websites and refer to them in settlements.

Avoid Costly Litigation

Mitigate the risk of lawsuits by complying with accessibility legislation.

Boost Brand Perception

Showing that accessibility is important to you will enhance your reputation.

Extend Market Reach

The spending power of people with disabilities is more than $6 trillion.

Disabilities that are covered
Compliance is required by everyone

Web accessibility lawsuits have increased in almost every industry, targeting businesses of all sizes, and have even made headlines in high profile cases such as Dominos, Beyoncé, and Kylie Jenner.

What Issues do Small Businesses Face in Making Their Websites Compliant?
Many smaller businesses haven’t updated their websites for years. These older sites often contain an overload of images, videos and flashing gifs—especially dangerous to consumers with epilepsy—that can make them expensive and time-consuming to update.Websites can also be difficult for SMBs to keep updated because:
  • They are dynamic and new content is generated every day. The tiniest change can break the code and make the website inaccessible.
  • Compliance regulations change and adjust so often that it can be especially challenging for small businesses to keep up with these changes.
One example of a small business stretched to the limit by lawsuits is the Avanti Hotel in Palm Springs, CA. In order to avoid further lawsuits, small businesses like the Avanti—which faced up to 25K in damages and fees—had to resort to using plain type on some pages of their website until they were able to upgrade because ‘no access is equal access’ according to the ADA.
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$ 490
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  • For websites under 1,000 unique pages
$ 1490
/ year
  • For websites under 10,000 unique pages
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/ year
  • For websites under 100,000 unique pages
$ 3490
/ year
  • For websites under 1,000,000 unique pages

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